“Optimist is who believes everything is OK except for pessimist, the pessimist thinks everything is bad except for himself”

G. K . Chesterton

“Comedy is acting out optimism”- Robin Williams

A crow was thirsty doing its rounds around for water. It seemed that it had found a pot with water contents at a low level that could not be reached by; because ofits very stature.So, the intelligently crow started to drop pebbles one by one supposedlyfound around the pot! It was said the water level increased and the crow gratified the need.  This is a popular story some would have heard in school or narrated by some in certain cultures. It will be good to know what kind of thinking persons they may emerge in later life; in case they get rooted in these kind of comical stories in the later life.

To share a true life incident about a “Realist”would help connect the above crow to human Thinkingpossibly. The wonderful part of this realist was that this personalways had a tendency to use facts andchallenges facts when required – a routine life of this scientific bent of mind , who lived his lifealways in a positive outlook.

This persons hasn’t heard this story before and was excited to hear the story, without an iota of doubt knowing to confirm by fresh experimentation to establish the reality, such that to evoke positive thinking amongst people.

His Report:

He did theexperiment on his terrace with pebbles scattered, as lots of crow does squatter around his area especially during the summer when the temperature touches 37 – 40 degree Celsius.He as well; placed a camera to monitor it daily. He found to his dismay that the thirsty crows came lookinginto the pot but to no avail seemed to bebothered about the pebbles around. Monitoring thesame fora fortnight he was disgruntled; he stopped all travail around the same.

When interviewed he shared his bafflement and anger around these kinds of stupid stories; to which the interviewer said, “you should be positive, the crows would have picked the pebble and made the water to  come up to drink, may be you hasn’t seen, I am sure” as well he said, “these are narratives or metaphor used in fairy tales stories to drive home a moral, and but may not be a reality if the crow does not drink water by using pebble, yet you need to be positive about these aspects”.

Upon the completion of the conversation this person looked intently into the interviewers eyes and identified the quirky nature being displayedby the interviewer in his comments.There are some cultures these kinds of stories are taught.

Whatwe all know is that these are Aesop’s collection to drive home a point and the point of this fable was to show on “necessity is the mother of invention”, but for sure if these kinds of thoughts do exist as in the case of the above interviewer, bafflement shall always be there looking at something unexpectedly and apparently hysterical.

Metaphors and allegories are very useful and do need to be used for learning and expressions, but it needs to be contextual and drive the content, not that it be professed to be judged as  positive or optimistic way or forcefully used for driving something which is not an issue.

When somebody unfortunatelyinterprets these kinds of out of context thinking, there would be a proclivity to develop a sense of falsification for anything and everything, else push the other party to the wall with statement – “Be positive and not be pessimistic”(What can be called as wilful blind-fulness)”


Positivity or optimism,in all honesty is not something to be baffled! but why there is rendering to bafflement and unexpressed lack of ‘joy along with the silence of faith’among some False Optimism enthusiast? On the contrary, It is psychologically and existentially beneficial to be REALLY be OTIMISTIC AND NOT BE an OPITMIST ‘AS THE OPPORTUNIST S’ CLAIM OF OPTIMISM’.

(As we go on optimism and positivity is being used with the same meaning interchangeably)

Keeping this as our pivot point we shall supplement our positivity health . Positivity or positive thinking is a very important phenomenon to be learned and observed rather than a rhetorictermto be used unwarrantedly. Why this caution here?As observed in this information era some people are familiar with  words and do not hold its true meaning unfortunately when they use – especially in countries where the native language is not English.Albeit there are rationale and truth,  absurd it may seem for some who do not ‘agree’ with the attribution to know ‘positivity or optimism’ as ‘existing in its negative form’ – which we shall identify as ‘tautology of optimism’.

On a lighter note, trite it will be,not toobserve the pursuit

and vocabulary of people who have a similitude  to fashion industry perspective. If this perspective is noticed and observed, privileged  is one who is getting much clarity to be away from bafflement.

Fashion as stated here is yet  another business philosophy on which the words erroneous  and misuse often hinges . Few of the words that belong to this categoryof being erroneous by being sheer homonymic    misuse are -‘Faith’ “Positive thinking” and ‘Honesty’. Here we culminate our vast research in this simple article on clarifying the populist aspect of the False positive thinkingthat has caused bafflement, among sensible people. Upon complete reading and realization, every individual unless has some mental sickness or occult ridden can be tuned to develop positivity and optimism.

The Benefit of the reasoning: Persons who are sceptical about REAL negativity and those negatively affected by Falsepositivity can come out successfully to be the REALIST ( True Positivist  or Optimist). One of the unimaginable aspects is that the lack of knowing what is ‘positive thinking’is table talk show creation that

‘about positivity’ and not of positivity’, by being dishonest of the event or having an inclination for self-righteousness; given  the certain humans’ thirst for being socially known as Optimist.

Yet another spectacular observation is that many pessimists or not yet emancipated types from cultural backwardness ignorantly can conspire to call Realism as Negativity or Pessimist. Why ? Because Realism stands tall with facts, data and culminates truth – which when not comprehendible to those; who have no choice but to call the Realist as pessimist. (We encourage all to observe for this phenomenon, like the case of crow interviewer)

Another aspect to the above is, ignorance about facts and its causal literacy as well ignorance of the most reliable document ever written – that which when ignored leads to a person/ community falling into selective delusion for  chauvinism. This chauvinism which cannot just thrive needs to be projected piggybacking upon on the words of ‘Optimism or positivity’ so that chauvinism can prevail over Reality, which is nothing but delusions peak.

Why ? Becausethere is aperceived‘Aristocracy’in beingcalled “Optimist” or “Positivist”.

What’s the solution to this?

True education, upliftment  from theilliteracy about wisdom,and knowing the meaning of life.


Realism (true positivity) is strangely very powerful as it is a ‘LIFE’ within, which is another term for “Faith”. Some thoughts to ponder here are many ignorant societies think faith from the point of hoping on something that’s beyond their comprehension! that’s not faith, but a fashion perspective of the word, it’s the ‘Truth Faith’ mentioned here. This means that the greater purpose of the meaning of life does underline optimism across LIFE which is within and not an attempt of fixing something and someone as Positive or Negative based upon some news items and some situations, as come across. As a scientist once quipped – ‘it’s time to get out of the rut of half full glass and half empty glass rhetoric of fooling around people and oneself’. Ill conception of metaphorswill always be there!’


Snippets on Common expressions observation:

It is worthwhile to investigate in simple observation terms into the probable causes or origins; from the routine conversations of the so-called Optimistic enthusiasts and the Realist. Be encouraged to observe a proclivity of thinking, quite common among some; expressed in a motivating custom manner saying everything will be ‘all right’ from their natural human point of view- and if it turns out in their favor of thinking they may continue to think in hope with the label of positivity having resulted. Some enthusiast misguides people with the wrong use of saying ‘hope for the best’, as a momentary pacification with yet another words- ‘have faith and everything will be positive’ – these are nothing but the result of table talk shows or one is meeting a hidden chauvinist in disguise.

Observe and note: The crow story interviewee and Interviewer communication.

As the famous Norman Vincent Peale put: –“Positive thinking is realistic thinkingas it always sees the negative, but it doesn’t dwell on the negative and nurture it, letting it dominate the mind”. That’s the humblest reference from the books of Norman Vincent who is considered a giant in Positivity thinking.

So, having identified the differences between these thinking one may get an opportunity to re-educate oneself into the concept of Optimism– only for one’s benefit and meaning of life. Hence, we further move on to the higher echelons of these thoughts.

Snippets on Psychological observation

What happens during Real positive and negative thinking? Both the contents are related to the process that is likened to commenting or commanding one’s subconscious mind. In negatively stated terms its –‘rumination’to their subconscious and the subconscious takes the command as provided by the individual, and when an opportunity arises to deal with the similar content in the present, the fallback  is on the subconscious that gives the recording back as registered in the tape recorder called the subconscious of the mind.  As we have earlier referenced in an article about the universal truth that the ‘mind’ is the organ which by no means humans can control but what goes into the subconscious can be controlled and learned to be controlled. Education plays a vital role in the same. Hence, we need to consider in all ‘Realism’ why one needs to be Realistic – call it optimism – Excellence will be bestowed.

Ralph Waldo Emerson put it this way – “beware of what you want, because there is a strong likelihood that you will get it.”

That’s the power of ‘positive thinking’s’ or chauvinistic positive pretence’ command to the Subconscious mind. Choice is still yours!

Observe and note :The crow story interviewee and Interviewer. Who has commanded and what have they commanded into their subconscious.

Norman Vincent also mentioned in his book (In God We Trust)  – “Throw back your shoulders, let your heart sing, let your eyes flash, let your mind be lifted up. Live with verve and victory and enthusiasm, such as you have never had before. Leave those old negative defeats at the Alter of God. And like Joan of Arc, let Him touch your bright and shining sword and storm the walls of defeat to conquer them.”

So the question begs “how one can build his / her faith in eternity that can lead one to be an Optimist or Realist and learn to be positive with the LIFE  sowed inside. 

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