Urge to Purge (Wisdom on modsiw)

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“Truth by nature is fundamentally absolute . Non truth are no whole lie; but deceits with sliver of truth packed. Trying to treat a piece of information as whole truths  that plays the modsiw”

The present electronic and supersonic generation is negated as no more a knowledge era but a smart era. A great imagination of the world incumbents missing the aspect of what real smartness is!  Fancifully placated are a sect of people identified as Gen ‘X’, ‘Gen Y’ or Gen ‘Why’ – yet to be rationalized or reconciled with. Why we refer to generations right here is because of existence of wisdom or lack of wisdom has nothing to do with the generations, but getting grossly attributed because of technical advancement. So knowledge, smartness, logics, truth are some of the aspects that needs to be explored – which contributes to weakness but cannot be proved at a ‘go’. One of the main causes of human ‘thought’ weakness in not subjugation, nor poverty of knowledge, nor lack of moral thinking but a diminution of ‘thought power’ upon bedrock of Truth knowledge. In all prevalence the inability or benumbed willingness to think prevail – “thought phobia”. Thanks to culture and traditions ingrained in sulci and gyri of brain.

Hence introducing a word ‘modsiw’ to be read in reverse and opposite as ‘Wisdom’. Why is this funny reversal here when such a word does not exist? – This is due to the semantics turmoil amongst people; forcefully de-codifying words based on their choices as this ‘Gen’ or ‘that Gen’, ‘my opinion’ of wisdom versus ‘our’ wisdom etc, hence the intention of not spoiling the word wisdom, but to establish the opposite operative as  ‘modsiw’.

To make people productive at work as well to prepare them to be at their best – to get people carve the niche for themselves for larger purpose it is essential to invite this thinking in discourses or group meetings. Personal efficacy has its roots in making people really impactful and not creating pseudo man for organizations short term goals. Lot of learning initiatives on personal effectiveness discourses hardly have those needful essential ingredients for wisdom culminated from ‘rationale’ and ‘Intuition’. This is an area where many institutions are missing their endeavor of building wisdom amongst their employees; may be this will not be the pursuit of Human Resources Development, or wisdom for business may be a far fetched truth for HRD. So it is worth analyzing and realizing how these aspects can be identified for furthering richness among people.

We would not be getting into wisdom in completeness, but establish the foundation’s so as to invoke or vet the appetite for wisdom. It’s realized that human mind is capable of 3 kinds of knowledge or  modes of consciousness termed as:

1.Rationale – Logical deduction, science and empiricism bound

2. Intuitive (God element or Spiritual) – Truth based, bound by pursuit of spirit and origins

3. Gut Framed a’ la culture laced – Attributed and bound by superstitious reverence to religion and ritual ( quite soulish and often mislabeled as spiritual)

Rational thinking is often not a ready made thinking – acquired by information placards held by mind or some yesteryear schooling necessitated. With the world loaded with information and opinions with the light speed of dissipation as the condition, our objective is to create an awareness on the need to think logically; given that most of them think that the default present thinking of ‘homo sapiens’ is always rationale. 

To start this heralded thought, the invitation is to re-think into the aspects of some fundamental question as sample for our exploration into our ability to think. Thus two of those question are:

1.      Whether human evolution is from the Apes or ‘Simians’ ? What is the truth ?


2.      Were man and woman created by God in the first man Adam and Eve? If yes or No – how did you know ?

At this stage there would be an urge to purge driven by something right now – If your feel so – you are nudged to stay on and not to purge.

So how can people be supported in building rationale thinking…………………..so we go about deducing on the subject with deductive reasoning on the same 3 consciousness levels:

1.Rationale – Is also arriving at!

                                    – I know that I know nothing. Let’s explore……………. 

2. Intuitive (God element or Spiritual) – Is also arriving at!

                                    –  Not knowing that one knows is best. Spirit shall enable us.

3. Gut Framed a’ la culture laced – Is also arriving at!

                                    – I know and there are many reasons for this – otherwise so many years it will                   

                                      not be followed by forefathers.

Yet moving from the above mood, we go about deducing on the subject with deductive reasoning on the 3 consciousness levels:

1.Rationale – Position arrived at !

                                    – Relative and conditional truth

2. Intuitive (God element or Spiritual) – Position arrived at !

                                    – Absolute truth

3. Gut Framed a’ la culture laced – Position arrived at !

                                     – Feeling of Mine vs yours- suffixed with word ‘truth’

Wherefore, if the right word is to be used for clarity on the above, it is ‘wisdom’. It isn’t easy to understand the word wisdom among the 3 consciousnesses that easily. The reason probably attributable is the content and context of wisdom is God provided, hence at times that does not have empiricism or logical consistency. Otherwise the two consciousness above may have got used to be labelled by every clever thinker as wisdom. The semantics (modsiw) as provided by the opposite of wisdom operates here in the previous statement.

Yet moving from the above sensation or lack of it, we go about continuing on the pursuit of deducing on the subject with deductive reasoning on the 3 consciousness levels:

1.Rationale – How to ?

                                    – Derived from the objects and events and related experiences with all multifarious ingredients attributing to the environment. To Discriminate, Divide, Compare, Measure and Categorize are some of the selective faculties used. Rationale thinking along with Intellectual distinctiveness – of opposites – abstract concept and symbols

2. Intuitive (God element or Spiritual) – How to  ?

                                    – Knowing and being touched by the Spirit of Truth. To go on the path of losing ‘Self’ confidence and gaining the higher order consciousness. Primarily not getting into doing anything.

3. Gut Framed a’ la culture laced – How to ? 

                                     – Doing lot of things, building and unbuilding , exercising soul power, breathing , running, Fashion fasting, feeling of occult and attempting to be ascetic, trying to think and act moral outwardly and talking non realities and occult as realities.

Truth which, if gets into the playful hands of evil occult mystics and superstitious miscreants or,  mixing up the above three consciousness with loads of illogical, will lead to delusions that will just not creep in but forest out. This is what we call as  ‘modsiw’, but unfortunately uttered as wisdom.

In the above deductive analysis itself the truth seems to be louder. Or rather time to replace the word truth in 2 of the above.

Which is to be replaced?

Answer is – That is the readers challenge for thinking or start on!

When one does not get educated well, there is a folly of thinking getting developed that all scientific pursuits are rational, which is not at all. Here right now, there will be an urge to purge the thinking, but stay on. Another popular assumptions people hold is that all supposedly rational aspects will result in positive. But when it does not result as expected the assumptions are subjected to other sensory organs for analysis – a degradation of rational thinking starts as a process. Interestingly to go forward, if not very crude,  it is to state that all sensory organs and sub organs coalesce to think , not just mind. So do one think from tongue, or ear, unfortunately that is what is an illustration of ‘Not rationale’ thinking and can develop as dogmas.

A dogma may be true in the sense that it expresses such interrelations of the matter as expressed, coalesced with ideas employed using the other sensory organs other than mind. When these dogmas are employed as against truth , the human decline starts in terms of ‘thinking phobia’. These are evidenced in Corporate life, Personal life, Business understanding, Religions/philosophical life, Strategic thinking. The greatest loss to human development is because of its lack of wisdom being evidenced high in education in every form,  with hardly a tinge of sensed danger. That’s the danger.

As a completion let us place a note and challenge here – one cannot rise above the adequacy of the meaning one employs in their thinking process.  With the ‘thinking phobia’, it will always be an urge to purge the wisdom, and accept everything else as wisdom. While not to construe or comprehend cleverness of people as wisdom and not to purge your thinking when Real thinking starts………

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