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Most frequent questions and answers

Answer: In all fairness it requires us to read through the input documents that you provide.  This takes up our time and hence we do charge. To do the best on your resume we recommend, you email a maximum of two versions along with up to three job links/job ads/job descriptions (JDs) of the type of roles you’re targeting. The same applies for selection criteria. However, if you email through – your resume and selection criteria documents all at once, we will only concentrate on reviewing one type of document first (for example, resume); when this is completed, then we will move on to reviewing selection criteria. However, if you email over two documents for each and over three job links/job ads/JDs, then an additional fee will be incurred.

Answer: We require you to make an advance payment of 50% prior to work commencing! In case after the Only Design (Resume preparations), you would like to upgrade to ONLY YOU or INTUIT service, then we would seek you to make the advance part accordingly to the service sought/work.

Our process (with regard to the resume) involves working on  initial draft and only when the draft is in readiness for emailing do we then email you the invoice for the balance in full to be paid. Payment confirmation received via email from you as proof of payment is all that is needed for us to email you the first draft. Easy payment options are provided – it could be made by Bank transfer to our business account or paid by Paytm or GPay as identified in the invoice.

Answer: In order to finalize your document to ensure complete 100% satisfaction, as many drafts as needed can be taken up at no extra charge. Invariably to keep it focused and for you to take up time responsibility we would maximum limit to 2 drafts on average; with a TAT of 2 days maximum unless otherwise we agree upon specific timeline.

Answer: We stand firm on this aspect! As your resume is going to be ‘ONLY DESIGN’ product; means your sample should not be available with us. Going with this belief we do not share any resume samples to prospective clients. The reason for this is up to many a mediocre people like to just copy others resume and do not want  to be a person of ONLY DESIGN .

Also, every client is different and so is the work required in developing their resume. We create resumes from scratch and do not use templates. Searching for the right type of ‘sample’ takes a ridiculous amount of time which involves searching through our database which is huge. The draft reading stage of the process is where you get the chance to provide input and feedback (which is highly valued) in discussing changes to resume design, format, content and so forth.

Answer: Yes, we deal with numerous clients who do not live in the Chennai region in India. The majority of our (weekdays and weekends) is spent working with clients from across India and across the world. The process is very similar as when dealing with clients who reside in Chennai (except for the INTUIT service).

Many people today are very busy with work, family commitments and so forth; just because someone may live nearby, very often face-to-face meetings are not scheduled as our  clients simply do not have the time to meet. Therefore, documentation is developed and disseminated via email and phone discussions take place as required throughout the process from start to finish.

Answers: We recommend not to worry on these, as part of the ONLY YOU service we will support you to build on your own experiences to be codified into the selection criteria. Because these are aspects which are exemplary knowledge you have but may not have written down. On the other hand, we as well from our plethora of work experiences with various roles and industry and our database will support in codifying the same. This will a great reference tool as it provides you with solid examples on how selection criteria should be effectively addressed during interviews.

Thereafter, we can consult on the process moving forward if you have a job in mind that you would like to apply for and it requires addressing selection criteria.

Thereafter, we can consult on the process moving forward if you have a job in mind that you would like to apply for and it requires addressing selection criteria.

Answers: As explained in the service of ONLY DESIGN , Never a ‘one-size-fits-all’ appeals in terms of writing flow. Look factors of the documents  may be similar!

Each resume is created and tailored to showcase individual clients’/candidates’ achievements, skills and experience and their direction moving forward. The key is to develop the content and to format the document in a manner in which the first two pages ‘pop’, ‘look sharp’, make an impact and contain all the vital information.

Resumes should be concise and capture the reader’s attention within a matter of seconds. These days, resumes should be average two to three pages, at the most three pages. It is also processed into the ATS as against the job description provided by you.

Answers: With regard to ONLY DESIGN,  typically, first draft documentation is turned around in 3 working days after the receipt of the payments confirmations at the latest. Also dependent on how quickly  individuals open emails to return the document to us with additions/changes, very often the final draft is completed within 24 hours after the receipt from you. The time limit is mentioned accordingly in the service details. While for the ONLY YOU and INTUIT session, it may typically take as per the candidates comprehension and decisiveness ability. But we would nudge to complete the same within the duration mentioned in the service.

Answers: Nine key points of difference over other professional resume services:

  • Turnaround of written documentation (resume, cover letter, selection criteria and so forth) is provided in 3 -5 days period and not in a quick fix model of speed.
  • Consultation pre-service, during and post-service is always free of charge.
  • The resume is not written by some good English writers but organizational psychologist who are coaches & OD professionals in various avenue are directly involved in writing and consultation.
  • Pricing is very affordable and discounts will be provided for repeat business in the future.
  • Highly flexible and modify our time to suit clients’ availability; we consult and meet with clients in case needed (if in the same city).
  • Consultants who write resume or provide ONLY YOU and INTUIT service have extensive experience in Coaching and mentoring managers in HOW TO CONDUCT PROFESSIONAL INTERVIEW for job selection.
  • Provision of a prompt, personalized and high quality service; clients deal with us exclusively from the outset and communication is ongoing throughout the process.
  • Service clients throughout India and overseas.
  • Services are ongoing; we welcome the opportunity when clients re-establish contact with us to ask for advice or feedback on their career progression.
  • Posting of regular blogs on selection criteria, leadership development, Role enhancement that can be helpful for thought process for clients.
  • Our experiences with working varied levels of candidates across the ONLY YOU and INTUIT have only sharpened the steep writing of roles in the ONLY DESIGN.