Leadership Team Coaching

The term ‘leadership team’ is too often used to describe a group of managers or executives. The truth being leadership teams are a collection of individuals with separate and distinct accountabilities, and distinctive island thinking with varied perspectives possibly!

Leadership Team Coaching

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Engaging in our Concordance Leadership models helps for opening up :

1. Communication

2. Exercising volition

3. Higher level self-awareness.

Concordance Leadership programs are designed specifically for groups of executives, senior leaders and managers to invent and re-invent themselves in Leadership roles and pursuits for themselves for contributing for their ‘Best’ with the larger purpose.

Following are the programs of Team Leadership Coaching at various levels of Leader evolution and thinking:

  • Followership Leader – Base level 1 program

  • Turning Edge Leadership – Level 2 Leadership Comprehension

  • Headship Agility – Re-visiting leadership by senior leadership role holders

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Followership Leader (Level 1)


Psychology of Grafting and Edifying the Follower in you

This group coaching would allow for re-wiring the thinking at brain level along with identifying their higher order potentials and abundance that might be negated generally by each individuals. 

Learning Outcomes:

  •  A shared learning experience and a common language that establishes alignment around an approach to working together productively.
  • Realize that Followership is an essential element for building Leadership
  • Experience and realize the ways and means of making their leadership role more effective
  • Experience and realize the stark difference of Management, Administration and Leadership and how they deploy those effectively and ineffectively.
  • Learn and experience how their understanding is substantiated by research and how to enhance one’s dynamic sensor to identify and act in concordance.
  • Learn the Leadership as ZERO based Leadership, with 22 different behaviors associated with the  relevance associated to the ‘Role’ and ‘Organizational requirement’
  • Realize work just don’t happen in vacuum but needs to be designed and weaved with the team members
  • Learn the secrets of persuasion which can be easily practiced and support their leadership development

Turning Edge Leadership (Level 2)


Psychology of Leadership Crucibles Vs Leadership Myth 


Learning Outcomes:

  • Comprehend the 5 key leadership principles that they need to identify to align at their workplace to fulfil their obligation and to be successful
  • Realize the misnomer called ‘leadership’ which in reality is not reward or appreciation but a step up to identify their obligations and decision as a leader.
  • Understand the context in which they lead and reflect the impact of their role as a Leader                    
  • Realize that their leadership role is really an obligation and hard work
  • Resolve to tackle their hard work of leadership in a way that moves their teams business objective forward
  • Comprehend that a leader means going beyond self to connecting with colleagues to build a stronger community of leaders in the organization.
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Headship Agility (Level 3)

 Headship that makes a real difference

Learning Outcomes:
  • What it means to add agility in Headship?
  • Identify to unlearn the traits theories learnt in leadership development to realize the agility aspects of Headship.
  • Will comprehend the complexity of Headship development and why some are ‘good at it’ and some ‘do not want to excel’ at that for organizational effectiveness.
  • Existential levels and their impact on ‘Self life’ as well as ‘Headship’
  • Decipher at a deeper level the ‘self’ and ‘others’ tendency of commitment authenticity and accountability for the company’s Vision, Mission, Values and behaviors and how to influence.
  • Realize the real power of accountable conversations and their place at the heart of effective leadership.
  • The opportunity to reflect on both ‘personal and work life’, understand how they interact with one another and how both can be improved.
  • Effectiveness at aligning all stakeholders – employees, boards, managers, customers, suppliers, contractors and communities – to ensure the team meets or exceeds its shared goals.
  • Unlearn the disability to deal directly with issues or matters that disrupt high levels of collaboration
  • Learning to provide Headship for cohering what the group is jointly accountable for.
  • Identify the secrets of inducing quality dimensions into the decisions making process in regular team meetings that transform into opportunities for business beyond.


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