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ONLY DESIGN is our professional resume service that makes your resume stand out. Your resume  should be an uniquely crafted piece of paper / e-paper, caricatured unique to you in words, that no-body else can match to.

Resume Writing Service

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Avoid fabricated or copied resume – there’s plenty out in the market, that’s not YOU

Every resume developed is a ‘one-off-style’ resume. Because we don’t make a resume and give, we involve you in the process deeply.


Generic resumes are not used; your resume written by us will personify a truly unique document and style, reflecting your expertise, experience, skills and attributes; and importantly, your achievements/accomplishments.


The emphasis on solid resume writing is not just the written composition but also the design and layout of the document.


Our Approach

  1. Study existing draft / resume

  2. Direct, Plan and Purpose

  3. Frame Positioning & Exit

  4. Guided Competencies identification  

  5. Draft resume provided.

  6. Review

  7. Final resume shared

Service Duration: A week

Variants with Key value proposition

Variant 1

Your Investment

Average 2 hours of your time

Variant 2

Your Investment

Average 2 hours of your time

Variant 3

Your Investment

Average 3 hours of your time

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